Get Postcard by Donation

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You can get a postcard from us by donation!

Usually, the minimum donation which allows you to get the postcard is £3.50 or $5.00 or ¥30.

And your donation will be separated into two parts:

Money Usage
£1.70 or $2.00 or ¥15.00 Cost of Stamp
£0.90 or $1.50 or ¥7.50 Cost of Postcard
Rest (min. £0.90 or $1.50 or ¥7.50) Donate to FastGit UK

In the postcard, mostly it will contain handwriting part. So if you want to specify the text, you should let us know.

TIP: You MUST mention that you want to get the postcard AND your contact information so that we can communicate with you personally.

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